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unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

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Marshal & Mitchel Integrated Services Limited is a private Limited Liability Company Incorporated in Nigeria with registration number 481137. Its registered Office at 101 East West Road, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Nigeria. The Company’s main lines of business are: o Transport & Logistics Safety Management Consultancy o Facility Management o Engineering & Construction We have been managing Shell Secondary Logistics (Contractors’) fleet based on Davis Drive right device since the year 2005. We are also certified agents to Mix Telematics Pty Ltd. Mix Telematics are the owners of FM series of automatic vehicle trackers (AVT). Our AVT series are compliant with the Shell insight browser in Hague and as such Shell primary fleet has been using the FM300 model in her primary fleet in Shell west area (Warri). Currently, we have introduced an improved model of the FM series (FM3316i) to Shell contractors in the East and Western areas. FM product is not new in Shell system as several Shell Business Units outside Nigeria have been using it till date. Shell Nigeria has also used it though on Stand-alone base system. The FM web-based system give you total quality, server integrity and comfort Marshal & Mitchel is a one hundred percent Nigerian owned Company with interest in aligning with foreign partners for Technical Support.

Marshal & Mitchel is working towards becoming a world class consultant in Engineering Services, Transport and Logistics Safety Management, Project Management and Risk Assessment Services that will help in re-shaping the Oil and Gas Industry for better Oil and Gas Production Management

At Marshal & Mitchel, we do not just provide Services to the Oil Industry, anybody can do that:
• We ensure that we add special value that improves the industry and impact many lives that have one thing or the other to do with the industry.
• We help the Companies that are in the Oil and Gas Industry to achieve their Company goals better by cutting cost and making profits in a professional manner.

Our value statement

In Marshal & Mitchel, we work with the following values in mind • We are honest in our dealings • We work hard for fair rewards • We are fair and thoughtful • We give before we get in life • We seek to understand the other person before needing to be understood ourselves • We are proactive and never reactive • We strive to learn something new everyday • We offer a constructive solution when we receive any complaint • We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them • We correct our mistakes and learn from them • We take responsibility for our results and our own future • We set clear goals before beginning a task • We choose to over-communicate rather than under-communicate • We ask good questions of ourselves and others to get good answers • We know our future rewards and successes are directly linked to the actions and commitments we make today.

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